Natural Resources Conservation Service Reports on the 2017 Snowpack

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Some may think that we should have an awesome Northwest snowpack for 2017 with all the recent snow storms and precipitation, but Scott Pattee with the NRCS tells us different.  Although we are below where we should be for January, there is hope. Scott says that, “As long as we can keep what we have in place then I think we’ll be in good shape.” He also touches on the fact that in the Fall of 2016 we received an ample amount of rainfall that lead to the reservoirs being above normal, which is great. Winter isn’t over yet, let’s keep in mind that the rest of January and February can bring more snow storms and unpredictable precipitation. And although we may be tired of the snow around the city streets, we really should be thankful for what we’ve received and maybe even hopeful that we will get just a little bit more for the agricultural industry.

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