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For me, I think it is important to explore your life and discover your passions even though it may take years as one grows and experiences things.  As my passions change, grow or lose interest over time, I have realized that farming, growing something, producing something, to be a part of the cycle of plant life, has become my greatest passion.  It may take the rest of my life to fully appreciate my passion for farming, but never, ever, have I thought of it as wasted time.

For many years while visiting family in the Eastern Oregon area of the Walla Walla Valley, I became enchanted with the beautiful, symmetrical vineyards all around me.  For miles and miles, row upon row, I watched agriculture grow and thrive in this area.  I witnessed the season’s changes and what the needs of the crops were from month to month.  Then, once the opportunity arose, I was enticed to permanently move to the Walla Walla Valley and purchase a small apple and cherry orchard in Milton Freewater, Oregon to realize my dream of growing grapes.  Having no experience in this type of “big gardening” I set out to get the best education possible in the fields of Enology and Viticulture from The University Of California-Davis, and Washington State University Vineyard and Winery management programs.  And so I began the 14 year journey of excavating, planning, planting, irrigating, operations, and management of my own vineyard and winery.  This unique growing area has now become what is known as the “Rocks District of Milton Freewater” American Viticultural Area and is known for growing beautiful wine grapes that produce award winning wines. 

Through this process I have developed extensive knowledge of starting up and successfully running a winery business and the economic practices involved.  I am familiar with Federal, State and County laws governing winery compliance, the growing of grapes and wine production, sales, and marketing.  I have knowledge of water rights, easements, procurement of plants, seeds, and farming equipment.  I have a deep understanding of the of valuable connections and experiences in the Walla Walla Valley wine industry and continue to nurture the relationships with my many friends and acquaintances that I rely on for continued support.

When not working, I spend my time with husband, family, eight grandchildren and my friends.  I am very fond of all animals big and small, especially my golden doodle dog.  I consider myself knowledgeable about the abundant recreational opportunities in the Pacific Northwest and I like to golf and hike while traveling all over this great big earth.

I decided to become an agricultural focused real estate professional to bring my considerable life experience and passions to bear while being your partner in working with you to exceed your expectations.  I can guide and help you realize your goal of finding the right land for the right crop and assist you in realizing your passion or long held dream of owning your private piece of heaven here on earth.

Cell: 509-540-5784
Fax: 509-676-6458
Email: Lori@AgTradeGroup.com

Licensed in the States of Washington & Oregon

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