ATG Agent Job Description


We are seeking additional Agricultural Real Estate Specialists.  We are a Regional Commercial Real Estate Firm that is searching for professionals with an agricultural background, passion for sales, making deals and a desire to earn an unlimited, commission based income.


This position may be based from your home office anywhere within the Western United States, however preferred locations are currently within the states of Washington, Oregon, Idaho or Montana.  Positions within other Western States shall be considered depending on qualifications.

Overview of Position

We specialize in the representation of clients during the sale, merger and/or acquisition of agricultural related real estate, businesses and investment opportunities.  A successful applicant for this position would be a professional individual that has an agricultural background and extensive contacts within their agricultural community.  This position involves locating sellers, and/or buyers of agricultural real estate, businesses and investment opportunities and then ensuring that the transfer of these assets is handled appropriately and within the high standards of professional and ethical values that we are known for.

Responsibilities of Position

To fulfill the responsibilities of this position, the successful applicant will:

    • Leverage their personal connections within the agricultural community to locate sellers and/or buyers of farms, ranches and agribusinesses.
    • Currently possess, or be willing to procure a real estate brokerage license within the state(s) in which they plan to perform their duties and willingness to affiliate their license with us.  Details on this process to be provided to the applicant upon request. 
    • Be responsible for creating, using and understanding many types of real estate related contracts and agreements.
    • Create and manage their own schedule.
    • Have or possess the ability to gain, a working knowledge of Microsoft based computer programs including Word, Excel, Outlook and Publisher.   
    • Provide their own cellular phone, computer and printer as necessary to meet the communication requirements of the position.
    • Provide an office area based upon their needs and which may be home based, at their discretion.
    • Be able to work within a team environment to ensure the client’s goals are met in a timely and efficient manner.
    • Be self-motivated and possess a strong, self-directed work ethic, personal desire to succeed and attention to detail.
    • Always place the goals of their and our clients above their own.

    This position may be full time or part time, at the discretion of the applicant, based upon the income level they wish to achieve.

    Applicant Requirements

    The successful applicant will possess:

    • A background and/or education in agricultural operations, agricultural business and/or agricultural science.  Actual working knowledge and experience on a farm, cattle ranch or recreation ranch is desired.
    • An extensive relationship with the agricultural community within the geographic region they wish to do business.  This includes farmers, ranchers and agricultural service providers of all types.
    • Strong interpersonal skills and ability to service clients at a very high level.
    • Education at a minimum of a high school diploma or GED.  Higher levels of education preferred.
    • A valid driver’s license, reliable transportation and a good driving record.
    • The willingness to be trained in and accept our culture, high moral and ethical standards and client centered service model. 
    • This position does not require previous experience in the commercial real estate field, however real estate and/or sales experience is preferred. 

    An agricultural background is required.

    Compensation and Benefits
    • The successful applicant’s income will be based upon a commission only scale, to be determined and agreed to prior to hire.  Furthermore, the commission percentage split may be adjusted on a per-deal basis depending upon other circumstances to be disclosed and agreed to prior to hire.  The income philosophy is very much based upon the model of “the harder you work, the higher your income potential”.

    • The successful applicant shall act as an independent contractor at all times and shall not be treated as an employee of AgriBusiness Trading Group for Federal or State Tax purposes.

    • We will provide to the successful applicant:
        • Necessary training regarding our systems so as to quick start the applicant’s success in the industry.
        • ATG letterhead, marketing materials and business cards.
        • ATG email and related support system.
        • Back office staff and support for:
          • Development of extensive marketing materials and campaigns to advertise the applicant’s services and available opportunities.
          • Use of ATG website for applicant’s benefit.
          • Lead generation and development training for the benefit of the applicant.
          • Training on the use of the intercompany database.
          • Contract creation, development and review as necessary.
    Description of AgriBusiness Trading Group

    We specialize in representing clients throughout the process of sales, mergers and acquisitions of real estate and businesses in the farm, wine and produce industries. The types of opportunities we focus on are large and often times complex deals that require a knowledgeable and competent team of professionals well-rehearsed in the proper handling of the details involved in transactions of this caliber.  

    For clients seeking to transition their asset to a new owner, our team has the ability to assist in proper succession planning by performing the initial due diligence that a potential acquisition client will perform and then suggest valuation and marketing strategies to maximize the client’s asset value. For clients seeking strategic acquisition or merger opportunities to further their interests, our team will perform an in-depth interview and fact finding process to fully understand the client’s requirements and desires so as to ensure only appropriate opportunities are presented for their review.  

    We are based in the Pacific Northwest but have worked with clients throughout the United States and Canada and are always seeking new and better ways to exceed our client’s expectations by expanding our team of professionals that are eager to serve our valued clients.

    Please contact us for additional information and process to submit your resume and/or qualifications.