Pacific Northwest Crop Outlook for 2016

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After experiencing very wet winter months, you may be wondering how our local crops will be affected. According to Nick Bond, Washington’s state climatologist, it was a good thing we received ample amounts of rain this last winter since the upcoming spring and summer will be hot and dry. Some of our region’s crops will benefit like corn and soybeans that are planted in the spring. They do best when planted in drier soil and should produce higher-than-expected yields. The crops that were planted in late fall may be at risk due to erosion flooding. This will affect the quality of the crop because the root system will be weakened. Our region’s vineyards will love the hot and dry summer which will force the plants to send sugars to the grapes and not the leaves of the plants. In summary, some crops will benefit from our El Nino winter and some may be at risk, but we can look forward to a bountiful, beautiful floral display this spring!