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Unlike its Pacific Northwest neighbors of Washington and Oregon, Idaho is considered a Rocky Mountain state. Idaho has abundant natural resources and scenic areas and with its rich agricultural history, adds a tremendous amount of value to the nation’s agricultural asset base. Blessed by the Snake and Salmon River basins and many significant tributaries thereof, the state has ample water resources supplying its irrigated farm land which has dramatically increased in value over the last several years.

According to the 2019 Nass Data Annual Report, Idaho had one of the most substantial irrigated and non-irrigated cropland average values per acre in the contiguous United States. Per the same report, Idaho irrigated farm land values, on average, were up 5.8% per acre, and non-irrigated farm land values rose 3.8%. This places average irrigated cropland prices across the state at approximately $6,020 per acre and average non-irrigated cropland at roughly $1,650 per acre. 


We have many clients currently searching in Idaho for large, irrigated farms, dryland farms and ranch acquisition opportunities. 

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