Apple and Pear Orchard for Sale in Yakima County, Washington

Spanning from Naches to the Tri-Cities, Yakima Valley is the largest apple-growing region in Washington State. Yakima County is geographically divided by Ahtanum Ridge and Rattlesnake Ridge. This region produces high-quality apples of every variety and is known for its early beginning and late ending growing season. With over 69,117 acres of planted apple orchards, Yakima County is very competitive in the Western United States apple industry. In conjunction with quality apple production, over 3,319 acres of pears and tens of thousands of acres of other fruits and various varieties of produce are grown in the valley.

We have available for acquisition a premium orchard property located in Yakima Valley, within the heart of Central Washington. This asset is approximately eight miles south of Yakima, WA, in Yakima County. The physical address of the property is 281 Lateral C Road, Wapato, WA, and lies within the geographic region of the Confederated Tribes of the Yakama Nation. With its complex terrain, the Yakima Valley is the most diverse fruit growing region of Washington State and produces one-third of all apples and one-fourth of all pears in the state.

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