Agribusiness Trading Group and Peoples Company are pleased to announce the recent sale of the second half of the Blackrock Property, located in the Yakima Valley near Moxee, Washington. The first half of the transaction, which closed in 2022, was named the Global Farmland Deal of the Year by Agri Investors. 

This diverse, irrigated asset consists of USDA-certified organic permanent crops with a variety of apples and cherries, center-pivot row crop ground, two controlled atmosphere (CA) storage facilities, wind machines, and senior water rights.

The modern, computer-monitored CA storage facilities combine cold refrigeration with a reduction in oxygen and ethylene scrubbers to effectively put apples ‘to sleep’ for up to 11 months. The buildings, built in 2010 and 2015, have a holding capacity of 23,400 bins.   

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