Growing up in Eastern Oregon has instilled in me a love for agriculture since I was young. At 13 years old I found myself working for a farmer in Athena, Oregon. At that time, I did not understand the economics of wheat farming, but I did enjoy unloading grain trucks into an elevator. When I got older, I started driving combine and grain truck every summer. Wheat harvest was a big month in our little town. When I started to learn the business side of farming, that’s when agriculture business became a desire of mine. Understanding the basis of operation for dryland/irrigated farm ground is somewhat more than a passion for me, It is respecting the hardworking farmers that feed the world. Although I am a young guy and have a lot to learn, I suspect I will be learning forever.

I always strive to put my client’s interests above my own and to help them achieve their goals. I am honored to be a part of the Agribusiness Trading Group team and the integrity and accountability we stand for.



Cell: 541-379-8699
Fax: 509-676-6458

Licensed in the States of Washington & Oregon

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