2019 Land Investment Expo Highlights

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On January 25th we attended the Land Investment Expo in Des Moines, Iowa. Our partner, Peoples Company, has hosted the Expo for 12 years now and it continues to be recognized as a world-class agriculture conference. The Expo was attended by more than 900 industry leaders including farmers, landowners, investors, economists, and policy leaders to name a few.

The conference is a valuable resource for many institutional investors and is designed to assist them in taking advantage of opportunities that involve land investment, market forces and the growing impact of technology in land management. Dialogue during multiple breakout sessions, provided attendees with ideas and practices to improve not only investment performance but create lasting value. The Land Expo brings farmers, landowners and investors together to share information ranging from water quality and soil health to tax reform and the farm economy.

This year’s keynote speaker, Martha Stewart, discussed why she ‘always wanted to be a farmer’ and said, ‘I certainly appreciate the hard work and the effort that goes into maintaining a farm and growing a crop.’ Past year’s speakers include Donald Trump - 2015 Land Expo, T. Boone Pickens - 2014 Land Expo and Ben Stein - 2017 Land Expo.

After 12 years of persistent hard work, planning and attention, the Expo has developed into one of the nation’s leading conferences that focuses on the future of agriculture. The future is strong for the agriculture industry and with our partner, Peoples Company, we have created a team that is unmatched in our ability to be your full-service national land transaction firm.

Through the Month of February, we are offering a $200 discount off the regular price of $550 for next year’s Land Investment Expo tickets. Please CLICK HERE to learn more and ensure you do not miss next year’s event!