Current Agricultural Land Values 2019

<img src="agricultural-land-values-2019-agriculture-current-price-per-acre-farms-for-sale-in-washington-state-farmland-farm-for-sale-walla-walla-farm-ground-property-for-sale-sold-land-for-sale-farms-for-sale-washington-state-farms-in-washington-state.jpg"title="Agricultural Land Values for 2019 Current Price per Acre for the Pacific Northwest and California ag farm ground"alt="agricultural land values for 2019 for sale in washington state farmland farm for sale walla walla farm ground for sale sold land">

The latest data from the USDA’s National Agricultural Statistics Service tells us that the value of agricultural land has been increasing regularly since 2014.

The average value per acre of Washington farm land was $2,840 last year and is due to increase this year. Oregon had an average value of $2,430 per acre. It appears that supply and demand for farm land is what is primarily responsible for driving this increase. If you have considered selling your farm in the past or are just curious about the current market, now would be a great time to confidentially speak with us and give us the opportunity to better understand your goals and valued asset. 

Many of our acquisition clients wish to be absentee owners and would likely be interested in a lease back situation with you or your current tenant.  If you are currently farming your land, a sale to a buyer of this type would produce a large cash infusion to your portfolio while likely not affecting your ability to make a living.  If your property is currently leased to a tenant, your tenant would likely enjoy a smooth transition to a new owner with little or no changes to their current lease. 

Currently, farm land is trading at an all-time high and with the future ability in jeopardy to trade real estate with capital gains deferred, now is an excellent time to take steps to secure a bright future for you and your family.