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We, at Agribusiness Trading Group wanted to reach out to all of our valued clients, associates and acquaintances and wish you well through these trying times.  We continue to be committed to bringing you the best service and communication while representing you throughout the process of sales, mergers and acquisitions of your agricultural asset as all of us navigate through the impacts of the COVID-19 virus.

There continues to be very strong interest in the agricultural and food chain sectors and the stable investment opportunity this asset class provides.  We continue striving to exceed your expectations while servicing all of the current opportunities we are working on and also continue to search for additional opportunities for our acquisition clients.  

Even though different state lockdown measures have been taken in our home state of WA as well as OR, CA and NY along with other states throughout the nation, we, as a company will continue to strive for the fastest communication in answering all questions and fulfilling all requests you may have.  Our Walla Walla office is currently closed for walk-in traffic, however all of our affiliates are keeping their home offices open to any digital communication along with all phone communication.  Our focus will continue to be on your needs and goals while keeping each other as healthy as possible through this temporarily trying time.  Please do not hesitate to reach out to any of us here at Agribusiness Trading Group by visiting us at: agtradegroup.com/contact-us

Thank you for your continued support and please keep yourself and your family healthy!