Why AgriBusiness Trading Group Excels Above the Rest

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Our company philosophy and culture revolves around performing sales, mergers and acquisitions of investment grade agricultural assets at a level exceeding the expectations of our clients.

We believe that just by truly listening to the needs and desires of our clients and then performing the service that they are requesting of us, we are able to easily outperform our competition. Add to that, an unequalled ability to place ourselves in the shoes of a divestment or acquisition client and actually perform much of the due diligence at the beginning of the deal, and we have just placed ourselves well above the service level that all other agribusiness sales, mergers and acquisitions firms are operating at.

Our team’s vast experience in the agribusiness industry, has allowed us to develop the skills necessary to quickly evaluate an opportunity, determine a market value and then present an action package to you outlining the steps necessary to efficiently meet your goals, whether it is a divestment or an acquisition. We strongly believe in the team concept and philosophy and we will diligently work to ensure, not only the proper team of real estate professionals is assembled, but also the team of professionals required to handle the legal, accounting and management services that must be orchestrated in order for a large and complex agribusiness transaction to close seamlessly.

To see more about who we are and how we will exceed your expectations, please check out our website: www.agtradegroup.com