Did you go to Wheat College?

<img src="wheat-college-dayton-washington-agricultural-marketing-and management-organization-wheat-growers-association-agriculture-walla-walla-farm-broker.jpg"title="Wheat College 2019 Dayton Washington"alt="Washington Associatiton of Wheat Growers walla walla washington state">

Held on June 6th in Dayton, Washington was this year’s Wheat College.  This one-day workshop was built by the Agricultural Marketing and Management Organization (AMMO), which is a program of the Washington Association of Wheat Growers. The intent for the workshop was to educate farmers on how they can increase their profitability by improving farm management decisions. Approximately 90 farmers showed up to listen to the latest on soil fertility and sampling, 2018 Farm Bill options and the latest in technology and research in farming practices. Wheat College is offered every year to Eastern Washington wheat growers to help enrich their education of farming their crops. To find out more information and how you can attend next year CLICK HERE