We can help you Finance your Winery and Estate Vineyard

<img src="winery-vineyard-financing-options-available-jeff-clark-live-oak-bank.jpg"title="Live Oak Bank Jeff Clark"alt="We can help you finance your winery and estate vineyard jeff clark with live oak bank lender">

Because every transaction is unique, we have built an extensive network of ancillary service providers available to assist our clients in meeting their goals. For example: financing the acquisition of a winery and estate vineyard can be a challenge due to the fact that many traditional banks are not willing to loan on these types of assets.  We have formed a relationship with a Jeff Clark, an industry expert in wine and craft beverage lending at Live Oak Bank. He specializes in the wine, spirits and brewery industries and has many options available to assist you in meeting your wine industry related financing goals.  CLICK HERE to see recent transactions with Live Oak Bank.

If you would like to know more about these options and details on qualifications, we would welcome the opportunity to make an introduction.