#DidYouKnow that Washington State continually ranks as one of the top blueberry-producing states in the nation? Until recently, most blueberries grown in the state were grown in Western Washington where the acidic soils closely match the blueberries’ native habitat. Today, 40% of Washington’s...Read more
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Throughout Washington State agricultural products that should be on their way to Europe and Asia via container ships are instead at a standstill. Demand is strong but COVID-19 has unexpectedly affected the global shipping market in a way that experts did not anticipate. When the pandemic began last...Read more
<img src="wheat-college-dayton-washington-agricultural-marketing-and management-organization-wheat-growers-association-agriculture-walla-walla-farm-broker.jpg"title="Wheat College 2019 Dayton Washington"alt="Washington Associatiton of Wheat Growers walla walla washington state">

Did you go to Wheat College?

Held on June 6 th in Dayton, Washington was this year’s Wheat College. This one-day workshop was built by the Agricultural Marketing and Management Organization (AMMO), which is a program of the Washington Association of Wheat Growers . The intent for the workshop was to educate farmers on how they...Read more
<img src="SeVein-Project-potentila-vineyard-development-walla-walla-ava-sale-in-washington-state-vineyards-farms-pacific-northwest-walla-walla-farmground-property-farmland.jpg"title="Property for sale in SeVein Development premium land for vineyards"alt="vineyards for sale in washington state winery wineries for sale walla walla property pacific northwest">

Premium Vineyard Development Property Available!

40.19 +/- Deeded Acres. Umatilla County, OR. Walla Walla Valley AVA. Vineyard Development. Located in SeVein Project. Water Rights for 34.3 Acres. Precipitation Averages 14-15 Inches per Year. County Permits Wineries to be Built on Site. Accessed via Paved & Gravel Roads. Easement for Access...Read more
<img src="agricultural-land-values-2019-agriculture-current-price-per-acre-farms-for-sale-in-washington-state-farmland-farm-for-sale-walla-walla-farm-ground-property-for-sale-sold-land-for-sale-farms-for-sale-washington-state-farms-in-washington-state.jpg"title="Agricultural Land Values for 2019 Current Price per Acre for the Pacific Northwest and California ag farm ground"alt="agricultural land values for 2019 for sale in washington state farmland farm for sale walla walla farm ground for sale sold land">

Current Agricultural Land Values 2019

The latest data from the USDA’s National Agricultural Statistics Service tells us that the value of agricultural land has been increasing regularly since 2014. The average value per acre of Washington farm land was $2,840 last year and is due to increase this year. Oregon had an average value of $2...Read more
<img src="crp-contract-extension-2019-farm-service-agency-fsa-program-conservation-reserve-program-acres-agtricultural-farming-contracted-land-usda-contracts-expire-farm-ground-expiring-expired-for-sale-walla-walla-area-washington-brokers-farmland-blue-mountains-.jpg"title="Options for CRP Contract expiring"alt="CRP contract fsa program contracted land usda farm ground for sale farmground for lease land for sale conservation reserve program contracts expiring farms washington walla walla farm broker">

2019 CRP 1-Year Contract Extensions

According to the United States Department of Agriculture Farm Service Agency, the CRP contracts covering over 1.6 million acres are due to expire September 2019. Last month the FSA announced that CRP contracts that are due to expire the end of September 2019, are now being offered an extended...Read more
<img src="cherry-orchard-crop-outlook-2019-production-estimate-harvest-late winter-prediction-Northwest-Cherry-Growers-Association.jpg"title="Northwest Cherry Growers Association 2019 crop outlook harvest production probability"alt="Cherry Orchards 2019 Outlook Harvest Production late winter late frost hibernation dormancy">

Outlook for the 2019 Northwest Cherry Crop

B.J. Thurlby, President of the Northwest Cherry Growers Association, isn’t too concerned about this year’s cherry crop. The cherry orchards haven’t been as affected by the late winter as everyone thought. Because of the record snowfall throughout the Northwest in February that went into March,...Read more
<img src="Spring-release-weekend-walla-walla-washington-2019-wineries-Vineyards-Valley.jpg"title="walla walla valley spring release weekend 2019"alt="walla walla washington spring release weekend May 2019">

Walla Walla Valley Spring Release Weekend 2019

It’s that time of year again! The Walla Walla Valley is hosting Spring Release Weekend May 3-5. The weekend is full of newly released wines, live music, good eats and good company. It makes for a great opportunity to talk directly to the winemakers about their recent blends. Spring is a beautiful...Read more
<img src="potential-vineyard-potential-opportunity-milton-freewater-oregon-winery-wine-Walla-walla-valley-american-viticultural-area-columbia-ava-planted-acres.jpg"title="vineyard for sale milton freewater oregon umatilla county winery wine Walla walla valley american viticultural area columbia ava planted acres sell sold"alt="Oregon vineyard  walla walla wines ava farm ground land">

Vineyard Development Property - Under $17,000 Per Acre

37 Deeded Acres of Vineyard Potential located in the Walla Walla Valley AVA in Umatilla County, OR. Property is adjacent to 'Rocks' AVA and is surrounded by Vineyards. Asset is ripped and ready to plant. Included is Shop & Storage Area and Full Water Rights. For more information CLICK HERE For...Read more
<img src="washington-state-FFA-association-visits-agribusiness-trading-group-walla-walla.jpg"title="Washington FFA Association visits AgriBusiness Trading Group"alt="Washington FFA Association visits AgriBusiness Trading Group walla walla agricultural businesses">

Washington FFA Association visits AgriBusiness Trading Group!

We were fortunate to have the Washington FFA Association visit AgriBusiness Trading Group. What an amazing group of young leaders! They were very interested in learning about careers in agriculture as well as leadership roles available in the Walla Walla area. We were delighted to give them...Read more
<img src="farm-sellers-wanted-looking-for-land-forsale-sale-in-washington-state-farmland-farms-pacific-northwest-walla-walla-farmground-property-farmland.jpg"title="Looking for Farms for sale"alt="farms for sale in washington state farmland farm for sale walla walla farm ground property for sale sold land for sale farms for sale washington state farms in washington state pacific northwest dry land farm">

We are looking for Farm Sellers!

We currently have qualified buyers that are interested in confidentially acquiring large farm land holdings. Many of our buyers wish to be absentee owners and would likely be interested in a lease back situation with you or your current tenant. We would welcome the opportunity to confidentially...Read more
<img src="NRCS-2019-Washington-State-Snowpack-Report.jpg"title="NRCS 2019 Washington State Snowpack Report"alt="2019 Snowpacks">

NRCS Reports on 2019 Washington State Snowpack

Although it’s easy to look out your window and think that we must be at 100% snowpack level, looks can be deceiving. The statewide snowpack is under average for this time of year. The NRCS reports the statewide Washington snowpacks as follows: Spokane is at 92% of average Upper Columbia is at 91%...Read more