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Washington State University is taking part in a multi-institutional research project, funded by the U.S. Department of Energy, to help develop a winter cover crop that can thrive in the Pacific Northwest and beyond. Cover crops are different from cash crops as their primary job is to improve the...Read more
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ATG is proud to announce the sale of a dryland wheat and CRP farm in Walla Walla County. The Walla Walla Valley has long been known as one of the most fertile agricultural areas in the nation. The climate of the valley is ideal for dryland grain production and is known for producing high-quality...Read more
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Kitchak Cellars SOLD for a Premium Price!

Our valued affiliate and team member, Robyn Bentley , has recently sold Kitchak Cellars , located on a 20 acre parcel of land on the Silverado Bench near the South end of Napa Valley in California. Asking price was $22,000,000. Robyn launched her vineyard and winery oriented real estate career in...Read more
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Pacific Northwest Fruit Industry Looks Positive for 2017

Now that we can comfortably say that the “Unforgettable Winter of 2016” is behind us, we look forward to a positively beautiful Spring. As the apple, pear and cherry trees welcome their blossoms, the vineyards get ready to explode with color. Some fruit crops may experience a later than normal...Read more
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2018 Farm Bill Article of Interest

The Washington Ag Network recently posted an article regarding the 2018 Farm Bill Act. FARM BILL A PRIORITY IN NEW CONGRESS Posted by: Glenn Vaagan on January 31, 2017 in Washington D.C. While the Farm Bill won’t be reauthorized until 2018, Northwest lawmakers say now is the time to discuss what...Read more
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Natural Resources Conservation Service Reports on the 2017 Snowpack

Some may think that we should have an awesome Northwest snowpack for 2017 with all the recent snow storms and precipitation, but Scott Pattee with the NRCS tells us different. Although we are below where we should be for January, there is hope. Scott says that, “As long as we can keep what we have...Read more
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Happy Holiday Wishes from AgriBusiness Trading Group!

As 2016 comes to a close, we are given the opportunity to think about all we are thankful for. Our relationships with our clients and colleagues is one thing we dearly treasure and we wanted to say thank you for giving us the opportunity to work with you this year! It takes a great deal of both...Read more
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Current Agricultural Land Values 2016

The latest data from the USDA’s National Agricultural Statistics Service tells us that the value of agricultural land has increased this year in California and the Pacific Northwest. Washington is up 4.9 percent, to $2,760 per acre. Oregon is up 5 percent, to $2,730 per acre. Idaho is up 3.1...Read more
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Walla Walla Fall Release Weekend 2016

It’s almost that time of year again! The Walla Walla Valley is hosting Fall Release Weekend November 4-6. The weekend is full of newly released wines, live music, good eats and good company. Fall is a wonderful time to celebrate the bounties of the vine and beginning of the holiday season. For more...Read more
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Take a Tour of The Big Apple

Monday, August 29 th from 10am-1pm Ralph and Cheryl Broetje are offering a tour of Broetje Orchards. The orchard is the largest contiguous orchard in the United States and proudly located in Walla Walla County. You will learn what it takes to plant, grow and harvest the 4300 acre orchard, tour the...Read more
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Our Newest ATG Team Member!

In our never-ending quest to better serve the needs of our clients, we have added a new team member to ATG. Robyn Bentley brings unrivaled experience, in trading large vineyard and winery opportunities, to our team while upholding our commitment to unparalleled customer service, extreme integrity,...Read more