This offering is comprised of 275.15 +/- deeded acres across two non-contiguous orchard assets that are less than one mile apart. There are 215.90 +/- planted acres per crop insurance records and 1.80 +/- acres available to plant for a total of 217.70 +/- acres of orchard property. The property consists of conventional and organic apple and conventional cherry plantings and is currently managed by a professional orchard management company. The property has surface water rights from both the Roza Irrigation District (RID) and Benton Irrigation District (BID), as well as groundwater rights from an irrigation well. The RID block, within which this asset lies, has been paid off and is not subject to the Reclamation Reform Act limitations.

In addition to the deeded acres, there are 2 leases in place with adjacent neighbors; one lease is for 46.25 +/- acres, providing additional surface water rights from the Roza Irrigation District. This 46+ acre lease is with the Bonneville Power Administration (BPA) and consists of acres owned by BPA that are fallowed, allowing the associated Roza water rights to be used for irrigation of deeded acres on the North parcel of the orchard being sold. This lease can be assumed by or reissued directly to a new owner, subject to approval by BPA.

The second lease is for 0.46 +/- acres where the South orchard parcel overlaps onto a neighboring property. This 0.46-acre lease is a 99-year lease and a one-time rent payment was made at the beginning of the lease for these acres.

There are numerous general-purpose agricultural buildings, an H2-A housing unit permitted to hold 15 workers, and a manufactured home for the orchard manager located on the property and included in the sale of this asset. All of the buildings are leased to the management company and the lease renews annually on December 31st unless either party terminates the agreement in writing.

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